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Decorative Painting Portfolio  Click on image to enlarge

Faux Gilded Gold Ceiling
Faux Gilded Gold Ceiling
Manet Replica
 'Bar at the Folies-Bergere'
'Fresco' Fleur de lis Finish
After Carrara Faux Detail
Faux Old World
Gold Color Wash
Gold Color Wash
Color Washed Ceiling
Eiffel Tower
Tower in Little Girls Bedroom
Baroque Stencil
Gold Gilded Ceiling Medallion
Harry Potter Chest
Harry Potter Chest (side)
Faux Log Cabin
Faux Log Cabin
Painted Doormat on Wood
Inside Seasons Store
Color Wash with Ceiling Detail
Ceiling Detail
Trompe l'oeil  Shroud
and Matching Shroud
Matching Stripe with
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