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About The Process

Your cabinetry brought to brand new life with a superior artisan finish at a fraction of purchasing new!    
With 24 years artisan and application experience in cabinet, furniture, decorative painting and design, I will work with you to determine the perfect color continuity for your home or business. Then a flawless flock rolled finish is applied with one coat primer and two coats color, achieving a superior result. All work is done on premises with minimal intrusion to daily activity. An artisan finish reflecting your home can be applied following the base color. Upper and lower cabinetry, Islands, can be contrasted if desired.
       Eco-friendly,  we use waterborne alkyd low VOC products, resulting in a superior finish that beautifully withstands the demanding wear of kitchens and baths.
       Go GREEN - Reuse - Keep them from unnecessary disposal in a landfill.
Your satisfaction in both color selection and application is guaranteed.

Owner of Cabinets Revised, offering artisan collaboration throughout design and  application.

Barbara Aspin​

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